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Get Hype! by DDhew
Get Hype!
If I remember correctly my first fanart I ever uploaded on Deviantart was from KH and now we've come full circle. 

I've waited for a decade for this trashy franchise to ruin my life again and I sure as hell am not gonna die without playing this piece of shit game. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hallo y'all,

I'm 21, female and a university student majoring in biochemistry. I always dreamed of becoming an artist/designer of some sort but then decided I had the head of a scientist and here I am making my bachelor's degree so I guess that's it for that now. I'm just a very keen hobbyist at the moment but still keep banging my head on the wall for not being as good as pros. Oh well. My other hobbies are reading, writing and kickboxing.

Currently you'll probably find heaps of ponies (and pony ships, mainly AppleDash, TwiDash and Twilestia) from my gallery spiced with some occasional OCs and science fiction stuff. I'll only post stuff that is polished and finished enough on dA but if you're interested in doodles and other crap I'm producing check out my tumblr (it's a personal/art blog so you're warned ok, if you only want to see art check out the art tag).

I don't currently do commissions but I might consider collaborating on something or participating in projects. If you're a decent fella, good writer and share my ships I might be interested in illustrating a fancomic.

Please do not reupload my art, claim them as your own, remove original watermarks or use pieces of my drawings in yours (e.g. backgrounds) without sourcing. Also do not reupload to other sites without sourcing (you're welcome to do so if sourced unless it's tumblr, then go to my original blog and reblog from there please). Do not use my artwork in any form in your work or part of your work without my permission, be it for a commercial or non-commercial cause. Personal use is fine and encouraged (hell, that's why I'm putting my stuff here, for other people to see and enjoy)!
Hi there y'all!

I know It's been a while and I'm terribly sorry I haven't kept you guys up to date to what I'm currently drawing. Or well, that is, I have and am still having major problems when it comes to actually finishing any drawings even though I still draw and practice almost every single day and for that reason I haven't been active on dA. I have had a pretty strict policy on not posting anything unfinished here and I still intend to keep it that way but if you want to see some sketches or just hear more about me you can find me on tumblr (caution: this is my personal/fandom/art blog and will contain high amounts of random and useless stuff that is probably of no interest to anyone). 

I still do intend to make more pony pieces and I have been practising some painting styles, just to let you guys know as I'm well aware most of you probably watch me for my pony humanizations. 

Please be patient with me!

  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: Star trek TOS

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